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We want to help our supply chain community in
this difficult time by harnessing Grydd's data
and technology to fight uncertainty together

If your company or your customers are struggling with the
uncertainty of the global economy slowdown with the COVID-19
crisis, you are not alone, and we want to help.

At Grydd, we have the technology, resources and data to help the
supply chain community and believe we can leverage our solution
to help companies like yours right now.


Join the community and use
our platform at no cost

We recognize the critical need right now for supply chain
platforms to provide transparency and predictability into where
your products are. So we want to offer our solution at no cost to
help where we can and do our part.

During these unprecedented times leverage our Dashboards
and Business Intelligence to analyze the impact of
COVID-19 on the Global Supply Chain below:

Reports coming Next:

At Grydd we are gathering and analysing new tracking data all the time. In the upcoming weeks we will be adding more data to already published reports and building new reports such as:

  • check-list COVID cases changes and correlation with container / vessel volume declines.
  • check-list Pollution and contamination indicators. Pollution decline since COVID started.
  • check-list Volume delta (Change overtime) with YOY comparison port by port.

About us


Grydd is a SaaS cloud-based technology that connects all stages and
players in the supply chain. We enable end-to-end shipment quoting,
tracking, inventory management, collaboration and predictive
analytics and business intelligence.

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